Why the long summer vacation?

You may wonder why the schools have a three month vacation over the summer.

Some argue that it comes from the time that we were a farming community and the kids would have to help with the harvest. Well I guess the harvest does not start until after May, but the vacations are in full swing by the end of May. So there is a different reason and here is what I found.

It turns out the cities wanted the long vacation for three main reasons:

  • The buildings couldn’t be kept cool in the summer
  • Authorities were afraid for diseases in the hot get togethers
  • Richer urbanites wanted to vacation in the summer.

So now you know why the long summer vacation. If you are looking to find things to do and if you want to prevent your child to forget some of the Math they have learned over the year, consider enrolling in one of our Math Summer Camp sessions.

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