Prevent the summer slide in Math

Children typically lose about 2.5 months of their hard learned Math knowledge over the long summer vacation.

What can you do to stop this summer slide from happening and keep them current with their Math level?

Well, several options exist.

  • You can have them do some math every day at home
  • You can encourage playing with math-related games on their electronic devices
  • Continuing regular tutor sessions throughout the summer to get prepared for next year
  • Enroll in a summer camp with Math as the topic

Whatever method you choose, it is all important to prevent the summer slide and make sure your children hit the ground running in the new school year.

Math in summer camp is different from Math in summer school! A summer camp should be a happy place with playful methods to emphasize Math and learn new things. When we know details about your student we will customize the program to meet their needs. Hope to see you working to prevent that summer slide and if our Math Camp can help, you can sign up on this site.

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