2017 math summer camp in Houston

To prevent the “Summer Slide” Dr. Schreuder has developed a Summer Math Camp in the Houston Area for children ranging from grades 3-5.

This year we will organize two Summer Math Camp sessions; one right after school and one just before the new school year starts.

The camp has modules focused on Math Enrichment, Consolidation of skills and knowledge acquired in the past year, pre-teach the Math basics expected for the next school year and lots of fun activities and games.

The various modules leave enough room to also provide support for particular Math issues a student has experienced.

Sessions are led by Dr. Schreuder who is specialized to work with children with Math difficulties and is an expert in child development.

Session 1: June 5 – 9 (Registration closed)
Session 2: July 24- July 28

A typical day at camp

9:00 – 11:00 Work on Math, repeat yesterday’s lessons, absorb today’s new knowledge
11:00 – 11:30 Play and snack
11:30 – 12:30 Zoom in on individual issues
12:30 – 1:00 Lunch and Math movie watching
1:00 – 2:30 Activities and Games (always math oriented)
2:30 – 3:00 Take it home, review what was learned and suggest evening activities

Tuition for the Summer Camp is $295 per session.

The camps will be held at the Xavier Educational Academy at 3642 University blvd. Houston, TX 77005
Children are required to bring their own lunch. Drinks and a healthy snack will be available.

If you want to register for both sessions you need to register twice.
If you want to register more than one child you need to register them separately.

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Why the long summer vacation?

You may wonder why the schools have a three month vacation over the summer.

Some argue that it comes from the time that we were a farming community and the kids would have to help with the harvest. Well I guess the harvest does not start until after May, but the vacations are in full swing by the end of May. So there is a different reason and here is what I found.

It turns out the cities wanted the long vacation for three main reasons:

  • The buildings couldn’t be kept cool in the summer
  • Authorities were afraid for diseases in the hot get togethers
  • Richer urbanites wanted to vacation in the summer.

So now you know why the long summer vacation. If you are looking to find things to do and if you want to prevent your child to forget some of the Math they have learned over the year, consider enrolling in one of our Math Summer Camp sessions.

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Prevent the summer slide in Math

Children typically lose about 2.5 months of their hard learned Math knowledge over the long summer vacation.

What can you do to stop this summer slide from happening and keep them current with their Math level?

Well, several options exist.

  • You can have them do some math every day at home
  • You can encourage playing with math-related games on their electronic devices
  • Continuing regular tutor sessions throughout the summer to get prepared for next year
  • Enroll in a summer camp with Math as the topic

Whatever method you choose, it is all important to prevent the summer slide and make sure your children hit the ground running in the new school year.

Math in summer camp is different from Math in summer school! A summer camp should be a happy place with playful methods to emphasize Math and learn new things. When we know details about your student we will customize the program to meet their needs. Hope to see you working to prevent that summer slide and if our Math Camp can help, you can sign up on this site.

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